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Oriental Numismatic Society

Seventh-Century Syrian Numismatic
Round Table 2002

Coinage & History in the 7th century Near East

Convened by

Dr E. Georgantelis,			Prof. John Haldon
Barber Institute of Fine Arts &		Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman &
Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman &		Modern Greek Studies
Modern Greek Studies			University of Birmingham
University of Birmingham		Tel:	0121 414 6627	
Tel:	0121 414 7332		e-mail:  J.F.Haldon@bham.ac.uk
e-mail: E.Georganteli@bham.ac.uk
Dates: Saturday 23rd November - Sunday 24th November 2002
Venue: University of Birmingham (Barber Institute of Fine Arts/Westmere conference centre)
Accommodation: Local hotels and nearby B & B

Contributions will include, among others:
Prof. Cecile Morrisson (Dumbarton Oaks and Paris)
Coinage and its historical context in 7th century Syria

Henri Pottier
Coinage in Syria under the Persian occupation

Marcus Phillips
The currency of 7th-century Syria as a historical source

Susan Tyler-Smith
Calendars and coronations: the numismatic and literary evidence for the accession of Khusrau II

Tony Goodwin
The strange coinage of Jund Filastin

Andrew Oddy
Die study of the Constans II bust type coins of Hims

Lutz Ilisch
Mints and minting rights for copper coinage in Jund Qinnasrin in the early Islamic period

The programme is designed to permit maximum discussion, and numbers attending will be limited to facilitate this. If you would like to participate, please contact Vicky Georgantelis or John Haldon at the above address.
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