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O R I E N T A L     N U M I S M A T I C

Regional Secretary Europe
J. Lingen
Lange Stoep 25
2941 AE Lekkerkerk

telf.: +31 (0)180 665607
e-mail: lingen@wxs.nl

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The aims of the Society are to promote the systematic study of the coins, medals and currency, both ancient and modern, of India, the Far East, the Islamic countries and their non-Western predecessors. It was founded in 1970 and its membership of almost 600 people are spread over approximately 40 countries.

Membership is individual. It is open to anyone with a genuine interest in the numismatic series of any of these areas. Dealer members are expected to maintain high ethical standards. They are requested to respect the confidentiality of all information provided by the Society; in particular, the list of members is not to be used for the provision of unsolicited sales material. Members are required to permit the publication of their names, addresses and numismatic interests, the circulation of this information being confidential and restricted to members of the Society. Unlike most societies, O.N.S. has no controlling organisation and no hierarchy of officers. The Editors, Treasurer and Secretaries are the minimum appointments necessary for the production of accurate information and the maintenance of the list of members.

The list of members is intended to provide the initial means of contact between people with a common interest, so that knowledge can be shared. Members are therefore expected to answer all relevant correspondence from other members providing this does not involve too much time. Any group of members may use the network set up by this list to promote any activity which comes within the aims of the Society. In particular members are encouraged to arrange local meetings or study groups on subjects of particular interest.

The Society will from time to time publish material of interest to the members, providing it is accurate and relevant. An Editorial Board advises on the suitability of copy submitted and to commission work where appropriate. Two series of papers are present produced; a set of Information Sheets to provide an introduction to the main oriental numismatic series; and Occasional Papers dealing with particular topics in depth. They are all copyright and available initially to members only. A periodical Newsletter is circulated to keep members in touch with current events and publications and to publicise members wants and queries.

The activities of the Society are financed by an Annual Subscription, the amounts being calculated to cover the expected costs of each year's operations. The Annual Subscription, presently 30,00, is due at the beginning of each calender-year. Sub-scriptions are maintained at the minimum level possible and the extent of activities depends on the support provided by donations. Such support is welcomed and members may like to make donations towards a specific cause or publication.

Date: _________________________

Regional Secretary O.N.S.
J. Lingen
Lange Stoep 25
2941 AE Lekkerkerk

I should like to apply for membership of the Society and agree to abide by its conditions of membership. My main oriental numismatic interests are:

and I am willing to answer queries on the following series:

To cover my initial Subscription of 30,00 for the current year I have transfered this amount

  • directly to the Netherlands giro-account nr. 2903327 in favour of:
    Secretary Oriental Numismatic Society
    Lange Stoep 25
    2941 AE Lekkerkerk
  • by equivalent in CASH.

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