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Site News Archive
21.09.00 Autumn London meeting revised date on 14 October 2000
20.09.00 ONS auction - 21 October 2000
20.09.00 Leiden meeting - 21 October 2000
08.08.00 Bill Warden passed away
31.07.00 Ken Wiggins passed away
23.04.00 Published 2 book reviews by Jan Lingen
14.04.00 Published the schedule of UK meetings
07.04.00 3rd Indian Coinage Study Day at Cambridge
01.04.00 Announcement about meetings
30.03.00 Contents of the Newsletters 162
12.03.00 U.K. and Eire region meeting on 25 March
16.02.00 Annual General Meeting - 3 June 2000.
16.02.00 The Newsletter 162 have sent to the printer. There will be a supplement by Dr Luke Treadwell of Oxford entitled The Chronology of the Pre-reform Copper Coinage of Early Islamic Syria.
16.02.00 A talk at the RNS on 21 March.
21.12.99 A letter from Michael Bates, Curator of the Islamic and South Asian collections at the ANS.
19.12.99 Financial problems at the ANS.
15.12.99 The on-line ONS application form published.
04.12.99 Annual meeting held in London.
13.11.99 Nick Rhodes article The First E.I.C. Copper Coins for Bengal.
13.11.99 Joe Cribb's medal award.
13.11.99 December - An Indian Coin Study Day in London
24.09.99 Newsletter 160 has now been printed and is in the way to members.
16.09.99 Annual Leiden meeting on 16 October.
28.06.99 April Jena meeting report.
04.06.99 Details of the Indian Study Day at Cambridge on 12 June.
01.05.99 Newsletter 159 has now been printed and is in the process of being sent out to Regional Secretaries. It is accompanied by a lengthy supplement by Steve Album "The anonymous coinage of the Barakzays and their rivals in Afghanistan: a reappraisal".
11.04.99 Placed Newsletters alphabetical index by article
10.04.99 A colloquium 'Pseudo-Mughal Coinage' being planned on 12 June 1999
10.04.99 Reviews of New and recent publications and Senior Collection Of Indo-Scythic Coins
10.04.99 Book reviews section opened
29.03.99 Events section opened
20.03.99 Oriental Numismatic Society site open
01.03.99 ONS Newsletter 158 issued
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