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The annual 2000 ONS auction at the Leiden meeting in the Netherlands

       Saturday 21 October 2000
The Museum of Antiquities / Royal Coincabinet, Rapenburg 28, Leiden
The ONS auction of some Oriental coins will be held on Saturday October 21st 2000 at the annual ONS-meeting in the Netherlands. For the catalogue of the coins, see separate list.
Any postal-bids should be sent to the address mentioned below.

Please do inform:         Jan Lingen
        Dr. A.Schweitzerstraat 29
        NL - 2861 XZ
telf.: +31 (0)182-35 70 92
GSM: +31 06 533 06 189
fax.: +31 (0)182-35 70 93
E-mail: lingen@wxs.nl

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