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Information on the Annual General Meeting 3 June 2000, the Cologne meeting November 1999, the Fifth Arab-Byzantine Forum at ANS November 1999 and the Seventh Century Syrian Numisatic Rolund Table 4 March 2000, London; new publications, auction news. Book reviews.
  • Stuart D. Sears: The American Numismatic Society in crisis.
  • S. Bhandare & S. Heidemann: A die for imitation of Umayyad dinars found in India.
  • M. Fedorov: On the attribution of the anonymous Chaghatayid coins iminted in 726-7 AH
  • M. Fedorov: A rare fals of AH 401 struck at Ilaq and new data about the Dihqans of Ilaq.
  • A Goodwin: Seventh century Islamic countermarks from Syria.
  • K. Khromov: A rare Tartar-Genoese copper coin.
  • V. Popp, D. Nauta & H. Wilski: Ottoman coins struck at the fortress of Dhi Marmar in the Yemen.
  • S.K. Kofopoulos & H. Wilski: A very large hoard of countermarked coins discovered.
  • S. Bhandare: Numismatic vestiges of Shah Jahan's campaign in the Deccan.
  • J. Lingen: So-called Paliakatten, VOC rupees 'struck' at the Coromandel coast of India.
  • R. Puddester: Catalogue of British India passes, tickets, checks and tokens, part VIII
  • Dr. N. Mahajan: Gold coins of the Hangal Kadamba ruler Shantivarma (1075-1094 AD) in the name of the Western Chalukya ruler Jayasimha II Jagadekamalla.
  • G. Tan & Dr. Wu Xiankang: A review of the rare "Da Zhong" and "Hung Wu" coins with the character "Jing" on the reverse.

W.L. Treadwell: The chronology of the pre-reform copper coinage of early Islamic Syria

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