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Newsletters 159 index

Details of the Annual General Meeting 1999, ONS meetings in Jena and London
News about new and recent publications, the Senior collection of Indo-Scythic coins etc
Book reviews
V. West: The Ge’ez legends on Aksumite coins
M. Mochiri: Notice concerning some rare Sasanian coin
N. Adams & W Warden, jr: An unpublished Mongol dinar from Shum of Chingiz Khan
M. Fedorov: Finds of dirhams minted in the Chu and Talas Valleys in the middle of the 11th century
M. Fedorov: A new type of coin with threatening legend
S. Hirano: New varieties of the Narhan hoard type punchmarked coins
S. Hirano: Two forgeries of punchmarked coins in India
S. Hirano: Two Chaman-i-Hazouri coins recovered
R. Senior & AH: Two remarkable Bactrian coins
L. Riches: A report concerning a hoard of Kota and Kota-related coins and a possible fixed dating
U.B. Jensen: CH Biddulph - an unpublished catalogue of the coins of Tranquebar
D. Balsekar & W. Bertsch: An unpublished coin-die for a Bikanir rupee
N. Rhodes: The first EIC copper coins for Bengal
R. Puddester: Catalogue of British India passes, tickets, checks and tokens, part 2

Stephen Album: The anonymous coinage of the Barakzays and their rivals in Aghanistan: a reappraisal
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