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The Annual 2002 General Meeting of the Society

       The Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held on 25 May 2002 at 1 p.m. at the London Coin Fair at the Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury Coram Street London WC1, to transact the following business:

  • To receive the Council’s report on the activities of the Society during the previous year;
  • To receive and consider the accounts of the Society for the previous year;
  • To elect members of the Council; and
  • The Michael Broome and Ken Wiggins memorial lectures.

       The Council consists of the following officers: Secretary General, Deputy Secretary-General, Treasurer, Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Membership Secretary, Publications Secretary, Regional Secretaries, and not more than three other members of the Society. All officers and other members of the Council (other than Regional Secretaries) are elected at Annual General Meetings. At the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting in 1999 and every third Annual General Meeting thereafter every member of the Council (other than Regional Secretaries) retires from the Council but is eligible for re-election.

       The existing Council members who are due to retire this year but are standing for re-election are Nicholas Rhodes, Secretary General; Stan Goron, Deputy Secretary-General and Newsletter Editor; David Priestley, Treasurer; Peter Smith, Secretary; Paul Withers, Membership Secretary; Joe Cribb, Publications Secretary; Howard Simmons and Tony Holmes. If any other member wishes to stand for election to the Council would they please contact Nicholas Rhodes at 28 Napier Gardens Hythe Kent CT21 6DD or Peter Smith at 9 Grandison Road London SW11 6LS (telephone 020 7228 6826) as soon as possible.

       Ruby Maloni will give the Ken Wiggins memorial lecture on mint records of the Mughal mint of Surat.

       The Michael Broome memorial lecture will be given by Stan Goron: an introduction to the coins of the Safavids.

Please detach and return as explained below

If you are unable to attend the annual general meeting but wish to appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf please complete your name and address, sign and return this form to be received by the secretary by no later than 1 pm on Thursday 23 May 2002 at 9 Grandison Road London SW11 6LS

I, _________________________ [INSERT YOUR NAME]of _____________________ [INSERT ADDRESS], a member of the Oriental Numismatic Society, hereby appoint the Chairman of the Meeting1 or _________________________ of _________________________ (a member of the Society) to vote at my behalf at the annual general meeting as indicted below2

SIGNED _________________________ Date _________________________ 2002

To receive the report on the activities of the Society

To receive and consider the accounts

To re- elect Nicholas Rhodes

To re-elect Stan Goron as Deputy secretary general

To re-elect Stan Goron as newsletter editor

To re-elect David Priestley

To re-elect Peter Smith

To re-elect Paul Withers

To re-elect Joe Cribb

To re-elect Howard Simmons

To re-elect Tony Holmes

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