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Annual Cologne Meeting
6 November 1999

       Nineteen ONS members from Germany, Netherlands and Austria met on Saturday 6 November last in the RÃmisch-Germanisches Museum, Cologne for a meeting of the Indian coin collector circle.

       Mr Bartonischek opened the meeting by handing out a printed version of Dr Pieper’s paper given the previous year entitled Early India from the Indus civilisation to Ashoka, and gave a brief resume of the circle’s history. Jan Lingen, with the help of a slide display, gave a report on his journey to Pakistan. He also showed some of the coins and forgeries depicted in the slides. After lunch, Jan Lingen showed a couple of recently published books about excavations in Sri Lanka, and about Taxila, and Mr Bartonischek did the same for a book about Akbar. Mr HØther showed an unpublished medal that was probably struck in Madras around 1807 in the style of the pagodas. Jan Lingen led a discussion about coin auctions on the Internet, eg on the eBay site.

       The next meeting of the group was fixed for Saturday 4 November 2000, 09.30, in the same location, with a social gathering the previous evening at 18.00 in the Hotel Mondial, Prost-Stube. For more information please contact Nikolaus Gankse, Kreutzerstrañe 2, 50672 Cologne, Germany; fax ++49 221 95 1495 7.

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