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  • Obituaries - Ken Wiggins and Vasant Chowdhury
  • Book description - The Antiquities of Povolzh'ye and Other Regions
  • Book review - Sylloge Numorum Arabicorum Tubingen: Hamah (reviewed by Steve Album)
  • A new coin type of the Sasanian king Peroz - by K. Mosig-Walburg
  • The two governors 'Abd al-'Aziz b. 'Abd Allah - by A.S. DeShazo
  • An 'Abbasid Fals of Sijistan struck on a Chinese-style planchet - by Alesander Akin
  • The Samanid coinage of Khojend - by V.A. Kalinin
  • A reply to Stefan Heidemann's "Mas'ud al-Khwarezmi in Kashghar" - by Alexander Akin
  • A rare fiduciary dinar of Walwalij - by Michael Fedorov
  • An unpublished dinar from the Waksh area of present-day Tajikistan - by Frank Timmermann with additional comments by Michael Fedorov
  • The genealogy of the Qarakhanid rulers of Tirmidh and Balkh - by Michael Fedorov
  • A copy of a 419 AH Ghaznavid presentation dinar - by Vadim Kalinin and Vladimir Nastich
  • A new variety in the Kota series from Haryana / Punjab - by Les Riches
  • New coin varieties of the Gupta dynasty - by Sanjeev Kumar
  • A copper falus from Qandahar under Mughal rule - by B. Millancourt with additional comments by the editor
  • A unique silver seal of Muhammad A'zam Shah, son of Aurangzeb - by Sanjay Godbole
  • Bangalore - a new mint for the East India Company coinage - by Shailendra Bhandare
  • Two postscripts - the mint-town Zafarnagar and the description of a mark on a copper coin of Bhilsa - by Shailendra Bhandare
  • Three Sikh medals or tokens - by Bernd Becker
  • A potentially important coin of Cooch Behar - by S.K. Bose
  • The Gosaba rupee and Sir Daniel Hamilton - by Vasant Chowdhury
  • A Chinese silver ingot stamped in Russia, 1830s - by Helen Wang
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