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  • Obituaries: Bill Warden and Samuel Lachman
  • Meetings: Cologne (4 November 2000), London (2 December 2000), Leiden (21 October 2000)
  • Talk summaries: Axumite coinage by Vincent West; Typology of Xinjiang silver 1/2 Miscal pieces by T.D. Yih
  • Francine Tissot celebration at the British Museum
  • Book reviews - Sylloge of Islamic Coin in the Ashmolean Museum, vol. 10, Arabia and East Africa by Steve Album, reviewed by Dr. Vladimir Suchy; Sylloge Numorum Arabicorum Tubingen: Nord- und Ostzentralasien, XV b Mittelasien II, by Tobias Mayer, reviewed by Prof. Dr. Michael Fedorov
  • The Coinage of "Ibn Malik" by A.S. DeShazo
  • A Mamluk Dirham from Al-Ladhiqiyya, by Frank Timmermann
  • An Altin of Shahin Giray, struck in the Baghcheserai Mint, by Kenneth M. MacKenzie
  • A Variant of the Fterounta countermark used in Mytilene 1887, by Kenneth M. MacKenzie
  • Notes on a talismanic magic square, by Bob Forrest
  • Two unreported coins from the second Mir Zakah deposit, by Osmund Bopearachchi
  • The Use of Maldivian cowries as money according to an 18th century Portuguese dictionary on world currencies, by Wolfgang Bertsch
  • Zhongguo Qianbi / China Numismatics - Summary of contents issues 68 and 69, by Helen Wang.
  • Supplement: Notes on the Qarakhanids and their coinage, by Prof. Dr. M. Fedorov
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