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Book reviews:


  • A. Goodwin: "Anomalous Arab-Byzantine coins - some further observations.
  • J. Farr & V. Nastich: "An unrecorded Abbasid fals of al-Shash, AH 149, in the name of al-Mahdi".
  • M. Fedorov: "Two rare Qarakhanid coins of Tirmidh from the Tubingen University Collection".
  • N. Rhodes: "The earliest gold coins of Assam".
  • N. Rhodes: "A hoard of Sikh coins from Kashmir".
  • H. Wang: summary of contents of China Numismatics, issues 72 and 73.
  • H. Wang: "Membership tokens of the Boxer Rebellion, China, 1900-01".
  • J. Silver: "A Chinese republican trial strike".
  • G. Tan: "Forgeries of Chinese coins in the Schjoth collection".

Supplement (48 pages)
M. Fedorov: Notes on the Qarakhanids and their coinage - II
The political, socio-economic and cultural interaction of the Iranian and Turkic peoples under the Qarakhanid khaqanate.
The genealogy of the Qarakhanids.
Qarakhanid rulers with the titles Arslan Tegin and Arslan Ilek.
Qarakhanid rulers with Tongha titles.
List of works and articles published by Prof. Fedorov.

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