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Obituaries: Dr Boris Kochnev, Uno Berner Jensen
New and recent publications


  • A. Molchanov: "The Mutid dynasty of Ispijab and its coins (10th - early 11th century)"
  • M. Fedorov: "Qarakhanid coins as a source for the history of Kashghar and Yarkend"
  • V. West: "The Ashmolean Museum collection of Aksumite coins"
  • R. Senior: "Some unpublished ancient coins, part 2"
  • W. Pieper: "Coins of Erich and reattribution of some ancient Indian coins in the Boperachchi/Pieper catalogue"
  • R. Senior: "Two new coins of Jayadaman, son of Chastana, revise the early Western Satrap chronology"
  • S. Goron: "Coins of the Indian Sultanates - additions III"
  • S. Bhandare: "Maratha mints at Pune and Chinchwad - the early years"
  • N. Rhodes & A. Lissanevitch: "Two new square silver coins from Nepal"
  • T.D. Yih: "A new series of Javanese imitation cash inscribed Tian Ping"
  • S. Qedar: "An Islamic countermark reconsidered"
  • C. Foss: "The Kharijites and their coinage: a reply"

Supplement by Prof. M Fedorov:

    "Money circulation under the Janids and Manghits of Bukhara, and the Khans of Khoqand and Khiva"
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