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Obituaries: Jiang Qixiang
New and recent publications


  • N.Schindel: "Sulaiman bin Khalifat Allah revisted"
  • M. Fedorov: "Qarakhanid coins as a source for the history of Shash"
  • V. West: "The Ashmolean Museum collection of Aksumite coins (continued)"
  • R. Wells and W. Piepr: "Three ancient Indian copper coins"
  • O. Bopearachchi: "Diomedes overstruck by Agathocleia", "To err is human", "Three interesting Indo-Greek coins"
  • R. Senior: "Some more rare Indo-Greek and Indo-Scythic coins"
  • S. Goron: "Coins of the Indian Sultanates - additions IV"
  • S. Sahadev: "Two Mughal copper coins"
  • S. Bhandare: "Two rare and important coins of the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan I"
  • K. Bronny (ed. W. Bertsch): "An unrecorded Nepalese dam of Jagatprakash Malla of Bhatgaon"
  • P. Murphy: "A new punchmarked hoard of the Mathura region", "A new punchmarked hoard of the Surashtra region"
  • A. DeShazo: "Tabaristan PYE 130-146"
  • J. Lingen: "A quarter mohur of Jahangir struck on the occasion of a royal hunt (shikar)"
  • P. Tandon: "Some new coin types of the Kushan King Kanishka II"

Supplement by Drs Shailendra Bhandare and Paul Stevens:

    "Bombay Billys - The British coinage for the Malabar Coast - a reappraisal"
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