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Obituary: Dr Marie Martin
Report on the symposium: Coinage and History in the 7th Century Near East (23/4 Nov. 2002) by S. Mansfield, M. Phillips and S. Tyler-Smith
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A New Table of Countermarks by Dr H Wilski, reviewed by Volker Popp
Medals of British India, with Rarity and Valuations: Volume 1, Commemorative and Historical Medals from 1750 to 1947 by R. Puddester, reviewed by Stan Goron
Sassanian Coins of Armenia by E. Khurshudian and A. Zohrabian, reviewed by Susan Tyler-Smith


  • Some reflections on Chagatayid coins with S-tamgha from Samarqand, by T.D. Yih and R.T.E. Schüttenhelm
  • The coinage of Qumm, by Roland Dauwe and Stan Goron
  • King Demetrios of India and Eukratides of Bactria, by L.M. Wilson
  • Dating King Menander relative to Eukratides I, by L.M. Wilson
  • Some more new ancient Indian coins, by Robert Senior
  • Coins of the Indian Sultanates, additions by Stan Goron
  • "Bombay Billys": some corrections and further observations following newsletter supplement 172, by Drs. Paul Stevens and Shailendra Bhandare
  • Two small gold times from the sub-continent, by Jan Lingen
  • Zhongguo Qianbi/ China Numismatics 74/75, summarised by Helen Wang
  • An Indo-Parthian hoard of coins from Haripur, by Robert Senior

Supplement by Alan S. DeShazo:

    "The regnal years of Jahangir and Shah Jahan on the coins of Tatta"
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