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Review: The currency of Tibet, a Sourcebook for the Study of Tibetan Coins, Paper Money and other Forms of Currency, by Wolfgang Bertsch, reviewed by Nick Rhodes.

  • Stefan Heidemann: "Gold fragments of the 11th century found in the citadel of Damascus"
  • Alan S. DeShazo: "A correction and a re-assertion"
  • Robert Tye: "Three interpretations of the Islamic 'silver famine/crisis'"
  • Giuseppe Di Martino: "An unpublished denaro minted in Sicily"
  • Wilfried Pieper: "Sogdian gold bracteates - documents of the cultural exchange along the ancient Silk-road"
  • Robert Senior: "More unpublished Indo-Greek coins"
  • Shailendra Bhandare: "Kings, commanders and a minister at Erich"
  • Stan Goron: "More additions to Coins of the Indian Sultanates"
  • Noman Nasir: "A surprising date of Sultan Fakhr al-Din Mubarak of Bengal"
  • Stan Goron & M. Riaz Babar: "Jahangir's gold tanka of Cambay"
  • Shailendra Bhandare: "A pawn in politics: the first reign of Muhammad Akbar"
  • Satya Bhupatiraju: "Lead coins of the Tanjore Marathas"
  • Vincent West: "The Aksumite coins in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge"

Supplement by Michael Fedorov:

    "Monay circulation in early-mediaeval Sogd (6th - first half of 8th century AD)"
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