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  • Obituary: Hakim Hamidi, by Rear Admiral Sohail Khan
  • Report of the ONS meeting held in Jena 3-4 May 2003, by Stefan Heidemann
  • An English Collection of Aksumite Coins, by Vincent West
  • Some Interesting Umayyad Fulus, by Tony Goodwin
  • New Evidence of Ja'farid Coinage, by Arkady A Molchanov
  • Money Circulation in Early-mediaeval Chach, by Michael Fedorov
  • Update to the Mauryan Official Reverse: Indian Punchmarked Coinage, by Paul Murphy
  • Coins of the Indian Sultanates - Additions
  • Early Coins of Bharatpur State, by Prashant Kulkarni
  • "Bombay Billies" - yet more observations, by Drs Paul Stevens & Shailendra Bhandare
  • The First Rupee of Patiala?, by Frank Timmermann
  • Mexican Silver Dollar Stamped with a Star, Hammer and Sickle, by Helen Wang
  • Zhongguo Qianbi/China Numismatics 76-79, summarised by Helen Wang
  • The Coinage of Safi I, by Stan Goron
  • A New Sases Coin, and a Contribution to the Gandharan Chronology, by Robert Senior.
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