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More on Bombay Billys
  • Clive Foss: The two-caliph bronze of 'Adb al-Malik
  • Hans Loeschner: Samarqand-Sogdian portrait coin
  • Michael Fedorov: Money circulation in early-mediaeval Ustrushana, Farghana and Tokharistan
  • Michael Fedorov: About the Mutid dynasty of Ispijab appanage rulers (10th - early 11th century)
  • Stan Goron: The coinage of Safi I - some additions
  • Stan Goron: The coinage of the Safavid ruler, 'Abbas II upto AH 1060 - part I
  • Bob Senior: A few more rare Indian ancient coins
  • Nick Rhodes: A note on the copper mint in Garhwal


  • Wolfgang Bertsch: A new Chinese publication on the currency of Tibet - review
  • Wolfgang Bertsch: Tibetan currency units
  • Wolfgang Bertsch: An early western report on the currency of Tibet
  • Nick Rhodes: The fineness of gold coins from Nepal
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