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  • Ancient Indian Coins from the Chand Collection by Vikram Chand and Joe Cribb, reviewed by Shailendra Bhandare
  • Catalogue of the Exhibition 'De l'Indus a l'Oxus - Archeologie de l'Asie Centrale', reviewed by Wilfried Pieper
  • An Indo-Greek and Indo-Scythian Coin Hoard from Bara, by Osmund Bopearachchi, reviewed by Wilfried Pieper
  • Money circulation in early-mediaeval Semirech'e (Jety Su)' by Michael Fedorov
  • A new variety of a gold coin from Nepal' by Nicholas Rhodes & Alexander Lissanevitch
  • An Armenian in Lhasa in the 1680s' by Nicholas Rhodes
  • Two rare pre-Kushan coins' by Osmund Bopearachchi
  • Over-struck and double-struck' by Osmund Bopearachchi & Wilfried Pieper
  • An inscribed Abhisheka Lakshmi coin from Sri Lanka' by Osmund Bopearachchi & Kavan Ratnatunga
  • Sher Shah Sur: Prince of Moneyors' by Rear Admiral Sohail A. Khan (Rtd)
  • Hardwar: a new mint for Akbar's copper coinage' by Shailendra Bhandare
  • Coinage of the Habshi rulers of Janjira' by Shailendra Bhandare
  • The coinage of the Safavid rule, 'Abbas II up to AH 1060 - part 2' by Stan Goron
  • Coins of Vidarbha Janapada' by Prashant Kulkarni
  • An interesting Arab-Sasanian dirhem' by A. Shams Eshragh
  • Chhota Udaipur paisa overstruck on a Eruopean copper' by Peter Lampinen
  • An enigmatic coin of al-Malik al-Salih Ismail b. Mahmud' by Michael Fedorov
  • Demetrios I of Bactria and the Greek Era' by L.M. Wilson
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