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  • A Catalogue of Tibetan coins of China by Wen Cheng-min, reviewed by N Rhodes
  • Ancient Trade and Early Coinage by Michael Mitchiner, reviewed by R Tye
  • "The date on the 8-rosette and 4-line irregular-shaped copper coins of Queen Tamar" by S Turkhia and I Paghava
  • "Parthian coin in Lorestan Museum" by FK Nadooshan, SS Mosavi & M Azizi
  • "More on the money circulation in early-medieval Chach" by M Fedorov
  • "An unpublished Ghaznavid dinar of Qumm" bhy V Kalinin & V Kleschinov
  • "A hoard of copper coins of the Kashmir Sultans" by N Rhodes
  • "New coins of Malwa sultans: the wedding of poetry and architect" by PP Kulkarni
  • "The coinage of Panna" by B Tabor
  • "The coins of the Bombay Presidency: the transitional mints of the southern Maratha country: Bagalkot, Belgaum-Shahpur and Dharwar" by P Stevens
Supplement: "Countermarking in seventh century Syria" by W Schulze and A Goodwin
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