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Obituary - Philip Grierson
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  • 'On the attribution of dirhams of 282-288 AH from Barda'a and "Arminiya" with letter "waw"' (A. Vardanyan)
  • 'Muhammad bin Ahmad - a new governor on a dirham minted in Arminiya in 331 AH' (A. Akopyan, A. Vardanyan)
  • 'The Bactrian "pedigree" coinage and epithets' (L.M. Wilson)
  • 'Treasures of Kashmir Smast, followed by interview with Ijaz Khan' (W. Ziad)
  • 'A queen consort of the early Kidarite principality of Kashmir Smast' (W. Ziad)
  • 'Unpublished bronzes of the Alchon Hunnic period from Kashmir Smast' (
    W. Ziad)
  • 'A Kidarite period AE unit featuring an elephant and a royal globe from Kashmir Smast' (W.Ziad)
  • 'A Turko-Hephthalite AE depicting a Senmurv from Kashmir Smast' (W.Ziad)
  • 'A Malwa mule' (B. Millancourt)
  • 'Between Attock and Jhelum, Muqarrab is king' (H. Tareen)
  • 'An enigmatic Sikh rupee' (H. Herrli)
  • 'Copper pice of the Bombay Presidency - 1791 to 1794' (Dr P. Stevens)
  • 'Discovery of a double kupang' (P.H. de Vries)
  • 'Attic coinage and the reign of King Menander' (L.M. Wilson)
  • 'A new type of seventh century Syrian pseudo-Byzantine coin' (A. Goodwin)
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