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ONS News 1
New and recent publications 2
Other news including next meeting of the Seventh Century Syria Round Table 2, 26
Review 2
Five types of copper coins of Sultan 'Ala al-Din Tekesh (N. Ivanov) 3
The Qarakhanid mint die from Aq-Beshim hillfort (M. Fedorov) 4
The mint of Elegis ("Alagir") and its location (A. Akopyan) 6
Some curious Bactrian monograms (L.M. Wilson) 11
The earliest issues of Euktratides I of Bactria (L.M. Wilson) 12
Nine gold Kushan discs (P.A. Linenthal) 15
The coins of the ceded and conquered provinces of the Bengal Presidency (P. Stevens) 18
A newly discovered copper ticket from Bengal (I. K. Kathotia) 23
A new gold mint for Akbar - Bengal (N. Rhodes) 23
An unpublished Shara'i dirhem of Aurangzeb from the Tatta mint (W. Ziad) 24
The Rajapur mint and coinage in south Konkan in the late 17th to early 18th centuries: some observations (S. Bhandare) 24
A new Chinese catalogue of Tibetan coins by Yin Zheng Min (review and comments by W. Bertsch) 27
Memento pot duang gold coin on the funeral of King Phetracha of Ayuthaya (V. Mihailovs, R Krisadaolarn) 32
Zhi-zheng tong-bao coins of the Yuan dynasty (V. Belyaev, S.Sidorovich) 34
Some coins of the Safavid ruler, Tahmasp I (S.Goron) 39
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