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ONS News, including report on Leiden meeting 1
New and recent publications 3
Other news 4
Review of A Corpus of Fatimid Coins by ND Nicol (S. Lloyd) 4
A new 4-line reverse variety of the 6-rosette irregular-shaped copper coins of Queen Tamar (I. Paghava) 5
A Nasrid square dirham struck in Basta (S. Pena & M. Vega) 8
Another anonymous copper coin bearing the name of Safi (I. Paghava & S. Turkia) 8
Some Bactrian monogram successions (L.M. Wilson) 11
A rupee of Muqarrab Khan Gakhar (H. Tareen) 12
Chiuli fanams of Ramnad (B. Mears) 13
Too many Raghunathas: Vijaya Raghunatha legend on coins of Tanjor and Pudukkottai (B. Mears) 15
Silver coins from first millennium mainland southeast Asia; new discoveries (V. Mihailovs & R. Krisadaolarn) 16
Unpublished types of rising sun/ Srivatsa coins of first millennium Burma-Thailand (V. Mihailovs & R. Krisadaolarn) 19
A gold coin of Sultan Mansur - possibly Sultan Mansur bin Muzaffar of Malacca (N. Rhodes & M. Goh) 20
The introduction of the 1835 quarter annas (pice) as part of the uniform coinage of British India (Dr P Stevens) 22
Some coins of the Safavid ruler, Tahmasp I - part 2 (S. Goron) 29
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