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ONS News, including London and Jena meetings 1
New and recent publications 2
Other news 2
Review – Coins in India: Power and Communication, ed. HP Ray (J. Cribb) 3
Letters from Arturo Anzani (V. West) 4
Some additions to the coins with the inscription “Ulugh Mangyl Ulus Bek” (A. Vardanyan) 7
A posthumous AR six dirham coin of Sultan Uljaytu Khudabanda Muhammad (H. Tareen) 20
A new Azilises tetradrachm copying a Maues issue (H. Falk) 22
TA unique punch-marked gold Gadyana of Kirtti(deva) (S. Bhandare) 22
More on Babur (D. Moin) 23
A copper coin of Tarpatri mint (B. Tabor) 24
The Marathas in Malwa 1720-1770: notes on history and coinage (S. Bhandare) 24
Maratha seals from Konkan and Deccan (S. Bhandare & S. Godbole) 32
The Budkee, an enigmatic Sikh coin (H. Herrli) 36
Coins of the ceded and conquered provinces of the Bengal Presidency – the Farrukhabad mint (P. Stevens) 37
Sriksetra silver coins produced on the Chandra weight standard (V. Mihailovs & R. Krisadaolarn) 43
Some coins of the Safavid ruler, Tahmasp I - Part 3 (S.Goron) 44
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