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ONS News, including London and Jena meetings 1
New and recent publications 2
Other news 2
Review – Catalogue of the Coins of Chach III-VIII AD by Shagalov and Kuznetsov (J. Farr) 2
Review – Islamic History through Coins: an Analysis and Catalogue of Tenth-Century Ikshidid Coinage by J Bacharach (J. Farr) 3
Yet more on Babur 4
A dirham, presumably Marinid, struck in Slā (Sale, Morocco) (S. Peña & M. Vega) 5
Dirhams of al-Hajjāj b. Yūsuf from Darabgird: a new specimen (M. Mochiri) 5
An unrecorded early post-reform fals minted in Tiflis (S. Turkia & I. Paghava) 6
On the coinage of the Sallārids and contemporary military generals in Iranian Adharbayjān in the 10th century AD (A. Vardanyan) 8
The Qumm AH 830/835 uncertainty resolved (R. Dauwe) 19
Major varieties of the type D 3rd standard coins of Sultan Husayn issued in Tiflis and at other mints (I. Paghava, S. Turkia & K. Bennett) 19
Re-dating Eukratides I relative to Mithradates I (L. Wilson & G. Assar) 24
Relations between the Indo-Greek kings after Menander, part 1 (J. Jakobsson) 25
Rare historical coins of Mu‘iz al-Din Muhammad bin Sam (Sohail Khan) 27
Persian couplets on the seals of the lesser Mughals (S. Garg) 28
Rupees of Farrukhsiyar, the first official Mughal-style coinage of the Bombay Presidency (P. Stevens) 31
A mohur of Mahmud Shah Durrani struck at Herat (P. Smith) 32
A silver drachm of Nahapana with Greek legend (S. Bhandare) 32
Vishwasimha, son of Rudradaman: a new Western Kshatrapa ruler (S. Bhandare) 34
Some coins of the Safavid ruler, Tahmasp I - Part 4 (S. Goron) 35
XRF-analysis of some doubtful Chinese cash from Malaysia (T. Yih, & J. v.d. Kreek) 37
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