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ONS News 1
New and recent publications 2
Review – The Ghaghar – Gandak River Region: Archaic Silver Punchmarked Coinage c 600-300 BC by S. Hirano (W.Pieper) 3
The double-sided trident tamgha on a Tiflis falus of Möngke Qaan (I. Paghava) 4
Jalal al-Din Mangubarni’s copper coin minted in the Kingdom of Georgia and without marginal legend (I. Paghava, S. Turkia, J. Lobzhanidze) 6
Two copper coins minted in Transcausia (A. Akopyan) 8
Money circulation in Chach during the ancient period (M. Fedorov) 10
Some novel pre-Islamic coins in central Asia (S. Hirano) 19
A few more unpublished Indo-Greek and Indo-Scythian coins (R. Senior) 20
A new variety of Azilises one-eighth unit (A. van’t Haaff) 21
A new Oesho/Shiva image of Sasanian “Peroz” taking power in the northern part of the Kushan empire (H. Loeschner) 21
Sultanates and Mughals 24
A heavy half dam of Jahangir from Ahmadabad mint (B. Millancourt) 26
The Nawabs of Savanur: history and coinage (S. Bhandare) 26
Bombay Billy with the numeral 3? (P. Stevens & S. Bhandare) 35
Some new types of Xian Feng iron 1 cash coins (D. Robertson) 37
Some coins of the Safavid ruler, Tahmasp I: part 5 (S. Goron) 39
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