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Recent Chinese publications on the currency of Tibet (W. Bertsch) 4
A new date on the tetradrachms of Vardanes II (G. Assar) 5
Jalal al-Din Mangubarni’s copper coin minted in Georgia without marginal legend: addendum (I. Paghava et al.) 7
Coin imitating a Tiflis abbasi of 1131 AH: West Georgian or Daghestani origin (S.Turkia, I. Paghava, A. Kesmedzhi) 8
A hoard of clipped and countermarked Khusro II drachms from the Ili Valley in Xinjiang (PA van’t Haaff) 17
Antimachos of Bactria: coins, documents and eras (LM Wilson) 20
South Indian coins – part 1 (B. Mears) 22
Three unpublished coins of the Sultans of Kashmir (N. Rhodes) 27
A new coin type of Babur, founder of the Mughal Empire (D. Levy) 27
Monetary history of the early Maratha period: the Marathas in southern India (A. Bankar) 28
An unusual uniface takka of Bharatpur state (B. Tabor) 34
Alamparai – a mint for Arcot rupees (J. Brockmeier) 34
Some unlisted coins of the Bengal Presidency (P. Tandon) 37
An unrecorded double tola gold coin of Nepal (N. Rhodes) 38
The Lukuan rupee and its variants (W. Bertsch) 39
Reading Manchu - part 1 (D. de Boek) 41
An interesting new coin of Devamanikya of Tripura (N. Rhodes) 45
Some tankas of the Bengal Sultans (N. Rhodes, P. Stevens, et al.) 46
Some coins of the Safavid ruler, Tahmasp I: part 7 (S. Goron) 47
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