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Coinage and History in the Seventh Century Near East
Seventh Century Syria Numismatic Round Table
Saturday May26th and Sunday May 27th 2007
Call for papers

       The 12th in this series of small informal conferences will be held at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts Birmingham, home of the United Kingdom's most important public collection of Byzantine coins. The aim is to bring together historians, numismatists and archaeologists with an interest in the coinage of the 7th century near east. The conference will include a number of papers of around 45 minutes duration, but there will also be plenty of time for discussion, for informal short presentations and for hands-on sessions with actual coins. Topics discussed at the last conference (held at Cambridge in 2005) included early Byzantine credit systems, images of falconry on Arab-Byzantine coins and recently discovered hoards.
       If you are interested in giving a paper or a short presentation or just in attending the conference, please contact me on a.goodwin2@btopenworld.com. I will also be happy to discuss any ideas that you may have for possible papers.
       Please pass this notice on to any colleagues who may be interested.

       Tony Goodwin

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